The idea to establish "GOTOVO"

Almost everyone who has ever dealt with a bureaucratic machine has had the idea that in order to get a single piece of paper, means you need to go around a hundred offices, and bust through a lot of red-tape, stand in the same number of queues, spend a lot of time and suffer humiliation? In the subconscious of the average citizen, a government agency is a gloomy building with Soviet-era renovations, with many corridors and offices where rude officials sit.

We had to break this stereotype and prove that a government agency can be modern and stylish, with service fast and polite. The main goal of creating a document service from the very beginning was the fight against domestic corruption.

Examining the experience of combating domestic corruption in various countries around the world, it was found that Georgia has achieved the best success in this through the establishment of the Houses of Justice. There, almost all documents and certificates of the state standards and several hundred other administrative services can be obtained within the walls of one institution, where the average speed of service is 15 minutes. We took this Georgian experience as a basis and created a Ukrainian project.

That's how the idea came about, which was realized within one year.

During the process of that year, a project was developed, standards were set, a new building was built, all business processes were organized, and the staff was selected and trained.