Advantages of "GOVOTO"

• The speed ​​of service delivery - due to electronic document management, zoning of document processing, and the decision-making processes, as well as the presence of separate front and back offices. The time for submitting documents does not exceed 20 minutes, receiving decisions - up to 2 minutes.
• Most documents can be obtained in just 30 minutes!
• Extraterritoriality - the ability to process most documents without reference to the place of residence or location of the property.
• Ability to receive services at a convenient time. "GOVOTO" works without weekends and lunch breaks.
• At "GOVOTO" the staff of the center helps to fill in the client's application, which makes it possible to avoid unnecessary mistakes.
• Free consultations are provided directly in the center, online, and by phone: 0 800 300 803. Calls in Ukraine are free.