Nowadays, it is not difficult to find out the sex of a child. Recently, Gender party is gaining more and more popularity in Ukraine.

Gender party - the first holiday dedicated to your baby. This day is really bright, full of love and happy smiles. Share the joy of an exciting moment with the people closest to you!

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How is the Gender party
Necessary documents
  • passport
  • TIN
  • information about the sex of the unborn child in an envelope
The cost of the Gender party service package - from 6000 UAN
  • Stay in the hall: 1 hour
  • Number of guests: up to 30
  • Individual script from the presenter
  • Coordinator support
  • Music
  • Props for choice: Box of balls / Big ball of confetti
Frequently Asked Questions

What is a gender party?

Gender reveal party - it is an American merry tradition to arrange a holiday for family and friends, in which they are waiting for the baby to appear. At this holiday, parents and their guests will find out the sex of the unborn child.

To keep the intrigue going until the party, the expectant mother should ask the doctor not to tell her about the ultrasound results. The specialist will write the child's gender on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope. It needs to be handed over to us, we will take on the organization of the main surprise of the gender party.

Deciding on a date for a gender party is not so simple. After all, it all depends on when the doctor will be able to determine the sex on ultrasound. Sometimes it happens at 15 weeks, sometimes you have to wait a little longer. And some parents are trying to keep the intrigue as long as possible.

But as soon as the ultrasound results are in your hands, you can choose a date for the party.

Treasured box. A large box containing pink or blue helium-filled balloons. Expectant parents together open such a box so that the balls can rise.

Surprise ball and confetti. For Gender party often use the idea of a large ball filled with confetti of the desired color. At some point, the future mom and dad will pick up needles and pierce the bullet. Colored paper rain will tell you the most important thing.

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